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Filevine for Human Resources Management

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Despite the applications’ relative infancy, Filevine has nonetheless managed to change the landscape of the legal profession and revolutionize how law firms across the country operate. As the premier law practice management software, Filevine has empowered firms with the tools and resources to simplify their day-to-day tasks. 

In addition to the vast array of tools offered by Filevine, firms can now also optimize their human resources department. By creating a human resources project in Filevine, you can streamline your onboarding process, upload sample materials, and develop an employee training course all in one application. Learn the process and what it takes to create an human resources project within Filevine below. 

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Application Process
Separate your phases into different sections to easily organize your HR project. These different phases will include an Application phase, a Hiring and Onboarding phase, an Active phase, and a Termination and Offboarding phase. 

Before bringing on a new member to your team, create separate vines within the Application phase to assist with every aspect of the hiring process. For example, a ‘candidate communication’ vine will help schedule and track all interview schedules and correspondence with applicants. Similarly, an ‘interview notes’ vine will contain relevant feedback from all interviews and note overall thoughts on each applicant. 

Hiring and Onboarding 
Once you have decided to hire an applicant, an auto task button for a Job Offer vine is assigned to your human resources department. Once it has been assigned, move the phase to Hiring and Onboarding. Create vines here that will serve as reminders to onboard employees to the different platforms and to remind your team to collect and upload employee forms that have been sent out that are included with the job offer.  Also to remind your team to set up logins or computer equipment for your new hire.
On the employee’s first day, switch the phase to Active. This will then trigger the vines for the 3rd month, 6th month, and one-year performance evaluations. These evaluations will have due dates that are two weeks before the actual date of the employee’s respective anniversary.
Termination and Offboarding 
When an employee is terminated, move the phase to Termination and Offboarding. Create vines within this phase that will serve as reminders to remove access to company applications, calculate final paychecks, and formally send out their termination letters.
Once all the steps for offboarding have been completed, and the vines have been closed, you can Archive the employee project. 
Next, move on to the tabs. On the left-hand side of the page, underneath the filter menu, create any relevant tabs to assist the HR team. These tabs can include the following: 

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Potential Candidate: upload prospective candidate resumes, interview answers, writing samples, and interview notes. 

References: contains the reference contact details, interview questions, and fields for interview answers.

Hire: contains the link to generate the job offer and fields for hire date, rate, position, salary, and any other notes/remarks.

Requirements: maintain a checklist of requirements received to help track any missing document.

Login Credentials: establish a checklist to track logins you have onboarded.

Benefits/Increase: contains information regarding any employee benefits, including sick leave earnings and scheduled pay increases.

Employee Performance: document employee attendance and overall evaluations.

Employee Documents: upload any submitted employee document.

Post-Employment: upload resignation letters, generate termination letters and fill out the details of the final pay and unemployment claim should they ever file for one.

Training Checklist 
Filevine also allows you to create a training checklist for all employees. By separating your tabs according to job position, you can upload training materials and ensure your employees are adequately trained for their job responsibilities. 
In addition to ensuring that your employees are familiar with any applications your company uses, assign tasks, and implement milestones that your staff can work towards. These milestones can be job-specific and include the following: 

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Case Manager: Require that case managers perform intakes, negotiate liability acceptances, complete property damage claims, make case status calls, and audit cases. 

• Law Clerk: Require law clerks to research case law, create memos, review motions, draft complaints, write pre-litigation letters, and work on blog posts for the firm. 

• Paralegal: Require paralegals to draft complaints, review petitions for exemptions, schedule depositions, communicate with expert witnesses, attend mediations, and assist litigation attorneys in preparation for trial. 

• Pre-Litigation Attorney: Require pre-litigation attorneys to attend intakes, negotiate claims, communicate with clients, perform client authority conversations, and listen to recorded client statements. 

A human resources project is one of the many ways you can simplify your day-to-day operations. By fully optimizing how you use Filevine, you can maximize your company’s efficiency and focus on what matters most.

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